eBrands Media Group Established

eBrands Media Group
eBrands Media Group

TransitionalMedia Inc. is proud to announce the establishment today of eBrands Media Group, a new division for the purpose of acquiring, holding, developing and managing the vast array of media properties held by TransitionalMedia Inc.

“Our media portfolio is a strategically important part of our company, and one we are quite committed to,” said Paul Holmes.

Establishing eBrands Media Group allows TransitionalMedia to more clearly focus its media development and acquisition strategy, while minimizing any brand confusion from customers of its other operating divisions.

This is part of the strategy to split the company into three easily identifiable operating divisions:

oCanada.ca – Profile

Canada's Portal

oCanada.ca is the first and oldest eBrands website. This means it has a tremendous legacy of content and features. We are currently in the process of expanding and building upon this base, to re-establish oCanada.ca as our premium flagship brand.

oCanada.ca is a web portal and destination site for Canadians, and a resource about Canada for the rest of the world.

Our comprehensive content covers many aspects of Canada. Be it shopping, tourism, government, history, geography, people, culture or nearly any other topic, oCanada.ca is the source!

The oCanada.ca Network includes several sites with city and province information, including YourBC.com (British Columbia), YourAB.com (Alberta), YourManitoba.com (Manitoba), YourSK.com (Saskatchewan), YourOntario.com (Ontario), YourQuebec.com (Qu├ębec), YourNB.com (New Brunswick), YourNovaScotia.com (Nova Scotia), YourPEI.com (Prince Edward Island), and YourNewfoundland.com (Newfoundland and Labrador).