– Official Launch Eating Across CanadaOn November 1, 2010, we launched theĀ website.

In what is quite a departure from many of our previous sites, the approach was to invite authors from across Canada to participate collaboratively in a new venture. Topics will be on all range of food and drink – restaurant reviews, recipes, culinary tips, industry info, beer, wine, coffee, spirits, and more.

By many measures, it has been our most successful project to date. In the first week there were over 1,000 visitors, and over 2,000 website views. If things continue, we predict it will eclipse as our flagship website within 6 months.

In an interesting twist, we used social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, to recruit authors. While we had supposed that this would be a good recruiting method, we were shocked at just how successful this method was; as such, we plan on using it again for future projects.