Websites for Sale

At eBrands Media Group, we buy and sell website brands on a regular basis. We have listed 5 websites below that are available for purchase right now.

Please send any reasonable offers to

  1. – This is a WordPress-based website with a few pages of content all about minivans. There is also a Twitter account which would be given to the new owner (@minivans, with a whopping 46 followers no less).
  2. – A WordPress-based website to show off your favourite movie trailers.
  3. is perhaps our most ambitious project to fall on its face. A beautifully-designed WordPress blog all about celebrities on Twitter. I think it has huge potential with the right TLC. There is a not-that-great Twitter account that the new owner will be given (@tweet_lebrity, yup with the underscore).
  4. – So many possibilities, this website currently features a PHP website with 7 pages of badly dated copy.
  5. – A small PHP website with some information about politics in Canada. Optional domain alias is available, too.