Websites for Sale

At eBrands Media Group, we buy and sell website brands on a regular basis. We have listed 5 websites below that are available for purchase right now.

Please send any reasonable offers to

  1. – This is a WordPress-based website with a few pages of content all about minivans. There is also a Twitter account which would be given to the new owner (@minivans, with a whopping 46 followers no less).
  2. – A WordPress-based website to show off your favourite movie trailers.
  3. is perhaps our most ambitious project to fall on its face. A beautifully-designed WordPress blog all about celebrities on Twitter. I think it has huge potential with the right TLC. There is a not-that-great Twitter account that the new owner will be given (@tweet_lebrity, yup with the underscore).
  4. – So many possibilities, this website currently features a PHP website with 7 pages of badly dated copy.
  5. – A small PHP website with some information about politics in Canada. Optional domain alias is available, too. – Official Launch Eating Across CanadaOn November 1, 2010, we launched the website.

In what is quite a departure from many of our previous sites, the approach was to invite authors from across Canada to participate collaboratively in a new venture. Topics will be on all range of food and drink – restaurant reviews, recipes, culinary tips, industry info, beer, wine, coffee, spirits, and more.

By many measures, it has been our most successful project to date. In the first week there were over 1,000 visitors, and over 2,000 website views. If things continue, we predict it will eclipse as our flagship website within 6 months.

In an interesting twist, we used social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, to recruit authors. While we had supposed that this would be a good recruiting method, we were shocked at just how successful this method was; as such, we plan on using it again for future projects. – Official Launch

Your CanadaYour Canada is now officially launched!

Please have a look, and let us know what you think!

We have built out quite a network for people to share their love of Canada with others. Check out the following, too:

The new website replaces, which was in operation for 9 years, and was for many years our “flagship” website.

It’s an exciting new direction, bringing the concept of a website to celebrate Canada into the social media age.

We hope you enjoy it! – New Website Design

The new design was launched today. began its life featuring Las Vegas travel information for Canadians.  The content is now generic enough to appeal to Las Vegas travelers and enthusiasts from around the world.

Features of the new design include:

  • A new logo.
  • A striking new header featuring our original photography.
  • A stand-out Photos section.
  • Updated content.
  • Using WordPress, comments are now permitted on every page.

Look for more content over the coming months on this and our new website.

New Website

eBrands Media Group
eBrands Media Group

We are happy to announce that the eBrands Media Group website has been relaunched using the WordPress platform.

Keeping news up to date on the website is far simpler using WordPress, and the new platform makes receiving feedback far easier – making it an ideal platform for the eBrands website.

Most of the previous design was retained, with a few minor revisions. – Launched

eBrands Media Group is proud to announce the launch of, a humour website.

This website replaces the legacy Super Spoof Productions website, in existence since 1999.

The new approach is to make the content far more accessible using the WordPress platform, tags and categories, rather than the stale menu system previously used.

The new name also reflects the more generic nature of the humour from the previous site (yes, we have spoofs, but we have a number of other categories as well).

Enjoy Canadian Humour at its finest with this latest offering.

New eBrands Media Group Website

eBrands Media Group
eBrands Media Group

To reflect the new focus of the company, eBrands Media Group unveiled its new website today.

The company is all about building new brands and improving existing brands. The new website reflects this by putting all the eBrands-operated businesses front and center, profiling each in a separate section. This gives advertisers and other interested parties an immediate snapshot of each business: history, focus, general concepts, available tools, features and technology utilized.